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About Cap City

CapCity is quickly becoming the premier condominium and cooperative management company in Washington, DC. Our team of experienced professionals delivers high-quality, prompt service, and offers technological amenities to unit owners and condominium and cooperative boards. CapCity's web-based system is designed to give our clients the ability to obtain information and request service at all times.

We deliver transparent and accurate accounting to our clients: This includes unique, easy to read budget reports that are always available online.

CapCity’s specialized condominium and cooperative management delivers all of the services necessary to keep clients happy and properties desirable. Some of these services include: flexible fee collection (direct deposit, etc.); 24-hour emergency repairs line; construction consultation; and vendor referrals.

About Our Team

Being different & better than our competition started with assembling a talented team of professionals with years of condominium and cooperative management experience. We deliver superior management services because our team members all posses: integrity; a passion for customer service; and a drive to succeed.

Mike Postal
Mike Postal has over 20 years experience in real estate development, acquisition, finance, and loan officer. As the managing partner of Tenacity Group, Cap City’s parent company, he has helped build and shape the many branches of Tenacity Group, which has included mortgages, settlements, condo conversions, and most recently, Cap City Management.


John Fitzgerald
Principal Broker
Fitz has over 35 years of experience in Real Estate development and management.  He has brokered over 30 new and renovated condominium buildings since 1974, ranging from small 4 and 10 unit developments, to the 185 unit Cathedral Court Condos, across from the National Cathedral, and the 232 unit Takoma Overlook project in Takoma Park.  Fitz has served on the boards of numerous condominiums and has hands on experience in problem solving for multi-unit housing.  Fitz is also fluent in Spanish and French. 


Kim Sperling
Regional Manager
Kim Sperling has more than 10 years of experience working in real estate development, design, and management. Kim has worked on the development side for buildings ranging from small 10-unit projects to a 12-story, 232-unit condominium. She has also served on the management side as an asset manager for a portfolio consisting of 18 apartment buildings, and more recently as the regional manager for the 10+ condominiums currently in the Cap City portfolio. Kim’s wide breadth of knowledge and unique skill set has provided the expertise needed to help Cap City tackle each challenge it has faced.


Ian Black
Property Manager
Ian Black joined the team in the summer of 2012 fresh off of two master’s degrees in architecture and real estate development. His calm demeanor, keen architectural eye, and organized, efficient work ethic has helped complete our Cap City team. He serves as the property manager for the Takoma Overlook while also serving as an architectural consultant during the Somerset Condominium conversion.

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