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What Makes Us Different

For years, the Washington DC area has been serviced by the same group of rental property management companies offering the similar services with average results. CapCity specializes in serving the specific needs of condominium and cooperative buildings, their condominium and cooperative boards and the individual owners.

Cap City Management has raised the bar with a responsive and energetic team backed with state-of-the-industry technology. We strive to be different & better by offering:

  • Responsive & easily-accessible property managers
  • Specialized condominium and cooperative property management
  • Improved communications systems. Obtaining and sharing information has never been easier.
  • Advanced web access for unit owners and condominium and cooperative boards to access condominium and cooperative documents, plans, budgets, etc.
  • Proactive building maintenance and condominium and cooperative board advisory services
  • 24/7 emergency and routine maintenance line
  • Sales advice/education – make it easy to sell your condominium or cooperative unit.
  • Numerous payment options, e.g. direct deposit, etc.
  • Electronic notification email alerts, text alerts, etc.
  • Sub Contractor relationships
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